When a 42-year-old, recent client injured her foot working for a name brand company, she needed someone in her corner. She needed quality workplace accident representation that she could count on. Attorneys from the Pilsen Law Center strove to provide not only the best legal representation, but compassion and understanding as well.

Damages from Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can cause both physical and emotional damage at different levels of severity. This particular client suffered a ruptured tendon that required surgery and created a need for years of follow-up medical care. Having difficulty performing daily activities for an extended amount of time can also cause mental and emotional stress.

Workplace accidents can be caused by defective equipment, inadequate safety regulations, poor management or supervision and the negligence of either the employer or another entity. However, most injuries caused by an accident in a work-related activity qualify you for compensation under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, regardless of your immigration status. Even if you are already receiving compensation from your employer for an accident, you can and should file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Congress allows each state to determine its own workplace compensation values, with no federal minimums. For example, Illinois has set the maximum compensation for the loss of a pinky finger at $29,959. Unfortunately, theses values don’t always represent fair compensation for workplace accidents that cause long-term financial, emotional, or physical damages. That’s why it’s essential to have a skilled, trusted attorney that understands your needs and will fight for your rights.

You Deserve Fair Compensation for Workplace Accidents

Specializing in workplace accidents and other personal injuries cases, Pilsen Law Center was able to obtain fair compensation for the client. Pilsen Law Center attorneys settled her Worker’s Compensation case for $212,000 and secured payment for future medical expenses.

At Pilsen Law Center, our commitment and dedication to our clients goes beyond the settlement. If you are injured, we will even come to your home or the hospital to visit you. The damages of workplace accidents can go beyond physical injury, and may require expert analysis to explore options to get compensation from other sources or companies, as is the case when a defective product causes the injuryQuality work accident legal representation should include compassion and understanding as well as the compensation you deserve.

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