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Product Liability

Defective Products
Each year, thousands of people are injured from defective products. The law provides the responsibilities or standards that manufacturers of consumer products must meet in order to make safe products. Persons who are injured by unreasonably unsafe products can obtain compensation for their injuries. There are different ways of establishing a defect in a product:

• Defective design
• Defects at the time the product was made
• Defective or no warning labels

In addition to the company that makes the product, there may be other entities or retailers that can be liable for selling, promoting, or distributing a defective product.

A product can be defective because it was negligently designed, or because it contains defective parts such a car tire that explodes or fails when used as indicated, or a product that presents a well-known risk of injury of which the manufacturer is aware and fails to correct the defect. Other examples of these products are: looped corded window blinds which present a strangulation hazard to young children, defective baby cribs, baby seats and toys containing small parts which can be swallowed by children, etc. The list of defective products is much too big to include here.

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