We are all Dreamers.

It is difficult to come up with such outrageous example where a country has penalized hundreds of thousands of young innocent people for acts their parents committed.

President Trump’s decision to end DACA goes against every fiber of fairness, and justice that the U.S.A. stands for.  Rather than embracing and protecting the promising and bright future that dreamers offer to this country, the president has chosen to turn his back on 800,000 future citizens.  It is a betrayal of the basic dignity and decency that every human being should be treated with; especially when they have committed no wrong. No country should ever punish a child for accompanying his parents, even when his parents cross international borders for no other reason than to search for a better life.

You do not make America great by taking away hope from her most hardworking and loyal believers.  Dreamers are the future of this country’s workforce; they are future doctors, scientists, artists, teachers, engineers, chefs, accountants, entrepreneurs, and every job we can imagine. Why would any country on earth ever want to get rid of such talent?

 As a country, we must never forget that slavery, segregation, and the internment of Japanese Americans, were all considered the law at one time. However, those acts have long been legally and morally repudiated. 

arturo-jauregui-pilsen-law-centerWhether or not you believe that President Obama exceeded his executive powers when he issued his Executive Order on DACA, that is not the point, even if a fair tribunal might be inclined to give its stamp of approval to such act as being constitutional. The point here is simple; every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Those are the basic principles that define the character of any nation. 

It is not too late for President Trump to heed the call of history, and do the right thing; do not take hope away from Dreamers. Embracing Dreamers is a decision that America will never regret.

– Arturo Jauregui, Attorney and Principal of Pilsen Law Center